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Five Ways To Get Clear About Your Career

Updated: Nov 9, 2022

As we enter mid-January post holiday season, this is the time of the month most people actually start to think seriously about their careers and resolutions. Whereas the first couple of weeks are filled with enthusiasm mixed with recovering from the holiday hangover, midway through January is when reality kicks in.

Photo by Graeme Worsfold on Unsplash

Each year we are presented with articles sharing why resolutions don’t work. Instead of dissecting resolutions and their impact, Directory has decided to present five easy and actionable tips that will lead you to become clear about your career goals.

  • Audit and edit your social channels: in 365 days we are influenced by many things and people. This is also a lot of time for us to change. As we change, it’s important to update our social feeds to reflect our changes so the information that is being presented to us while we scroll aligns with our ever evolving self. Take some time out weekly to update your social feeds. This includes LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. If unfollowing or un-friending is going to cause drama in your life, use tools like mute on Instagram or unfollow on Facebook. The other part of auditing and editing is to follow individual accounts and companies that align with your career goals. Be sure to turn on notifications so you receive the latest news in real time.

  • Update your professional bios: Does your professional bio. accurately communicate who you are? If not, it’s time for an update. Being specific is always the best way to go. Avoid vague terms which were all the rage in the last decade. Statements like “Competent Generalist”, “Social Media Maven” or “Sales Guru” should be laid to rest.

  • Update and simplify your CV: Whether you’re actively job hunting or not, keeping your CV up to date is a good general practice. Consider it part of your annual professional hygiene. With millennials job hopping so frequently, scheduling regular updates before they are required means you’re ready with a current CV when you decide to start applying for new roles. Another aspect to consider is trimming down the page count. CV’s are ideally one page long, two at the very maximum. If you’ve been working for decades, your future employer doesn’t need to know where you went to high school in 1987 because your work experience will make up for any outdated education.

  • Take a course to learn new skills: The internet is filled with easy to access and affordable courses that could improve your position as a job-seeking professional or make you more desirable to be head-hunted. Take a course to add to your existing skill set. Platforms such as Business of Fashion and Masterclass are great places to start for people looking to break into the fashion and creative industries. Once completed, be sure to add the courses to your CV.

  • Make a five year plan: This can seem like a daunting task, especially if you’re just entering the workforce. Do it anyways. It’s also beneficial for those who have been working for a long time as it serves as a great check in to see if what you’re doing is aligned with your current values. With the fashion industry changing rapidly and now intricately woven into the narrative around the climate crisis and the need for more sustainable processes, it’s normal and expected those in the industry experience a shift in values. Having a north star doesn’t mean your five year goal has to be fixed, but rather you have a general direction you’re headed in.

  • Your plan can include:

  • Brainstorming your goals

  • Identifying what is actionable now

  • Plotting what steps you can take in the next year

  • Creating a process to celebrate milestones so the five year plan doesn’t seem like an eternity. A good way to do this is to write a post about your wins on Instagram, have a celebratory dinner with family or friends, keep a journal to reference your successes.

  • Schedule in a bi-annual and end of year check in with yourself so you can course correct if you’re off target or give yourself a pat on the back when you see you’re on track.

If you’re looking to explore a career in the world of luxury fashion retail, as someone new to the work force or looking to make a switch from one brand to another, contact the team at Directory today for a meeting. For role placements email

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