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Recruitment Talent Placement

Full-Time / Part-Time Permanent 

Temporary Placement

Contract Placements


Careers Guidance 

LinkedIn & CV Writing

Interview Preparation

Permanent Placements


Candidates that we assist and secure permanent positions with our clients are hired directly by your future employers. You are eligible for a full financial package, including benefits, company training, and potential promotion for career development. You are eligible for a full financial package, including benefits, company training, and potential promotion for career development.

Temporary Placements

Candidates working on a temporary basis, generally prefer Part-Time or flexible hours at their request with our clients, but also have the opportunity to work with a variety of companies. This is paid every two weeks after the completion of the work. Often candidates can be offered the chance to join more permanently.

Agency Worker Rights. 

Utilise the link to stay up to date on all your rights and do not hesitate to get in touch with any enquiries or concerns.

Contract Placements


Candidates are hired on a fixed-term contract (FTC) for a  specific time period directly by our client with a specific skill set until the event or project is completed. This may create an opportunity to offer them permanent employment after the project is over.


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"Not acting as the classic recruitment agencies, Directory is also very much oriented toward discovering talents and career opportunities that could fit into the job vacancies they see as the best fit. A one-of-kind agency serious and professional where each candidate feels very much valued, supported and informed at all times. As a candidate, I had a great experience working with Younus Desai from Directory and would definitely use again their services in the future."


"Working with Directory and the whole team was the best experience I had with a recruitment agency during my 3 years of living in London. Thanks to them I went through brands such as Christian Dior, Marni, and Stella McCartney and got experience as a mystery shopper. That all gave me confidence, experience and a positive way of life which got me the job I have now."

"I have worked with Younus and Javid for a number of years. They never fail to deliver and always follow up to ensure their services are complete. They work with great professionalism and I highly recommend them".



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If you are looking to HIRE or GET HIRED contact us here:

Permanent & Global Executive Search Enquiries

+44 (0) 7789 037807

Temporary Retail & Corporate Enquiries

+44 (0) 7736 646647

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